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CowCatcher is an Open Source initiative aimed at providing authoring tools and a repository for Java training material. This material is primarily directed at those who provide Java class-room training (like ourselves!), but may be of use for anyone studying Java.

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CowCatcher community-members are jointly authoring Java Courses using the HolyCow! © content management framework. This framework, written in Java, allows you to author training-material in XML and generate HTML and PDF. The material allows authoring all the resources for a complete training: slides, notes, examples, exercises, quizzes, answers and background reading material.

In addition the CowPres © presentation tools such as WebPres © and CodeMovie © allow teachers to present HTML slides and animated Java code on the students' browsers. NEW: Try the demo here.

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CowCatcher News

Search engine optimization (SEO) for Java / JavaScript

JavaScript and Java client-side technologies. With JavaScript and Java are script-or programming languages that are interpreted and executed by the browser. Search engines generally ignore the code. Firstly, the evaluation would represent a significant computational load and on the other they are often used interactively, .There is no reason to use JavaScript. However, while some should be observed: Most search engines cannot index all pages that are only accessible using JavaScript.

In addition, visitors who have disabled JavaScript in your browser, the page does not reach. Make sure that all the pages can be indexed reason. Create a site map. Content in JavaScript are not visible to search engines. As a text, that is output via document. Write is ignored. Represent texts normally directly in HTML

Search engines do, not recognize redirects that work via JavaScript. If a redirect for search engines to be visible, so you use a Meta refresh or 301 – / 302-redirect.However, the search engines develop their techniques. Google attempts to read JavaScript files. In addition, currently links are already recognized with absolute URLs within JavaScript code. Java applets are completely ignored by search engines. Moreover, the proportion of users that can see this content is nothigher than with JavaScript or Flash. Advantages and disadvantages in usage are therefore weighed carefully.

Cognitive SEO – paid tool for search engine optimizers

Cognitive SEO is one of the cheaper tools, the cost of which can be easily understood. Professional SEO Google tools need access to reputable link databases to deliver real results. Whether the investment is worthwhile, every search engine optimizer may decide in the test phase of the program itself.

Ranking observations with Cognitive SEO

The daily observation and evaluation of rankings is possible with Cognitive SEO, but not the actual task of this tool. Rank tracking for search engine optimization for Google is only for monitoring the success, the real strength of Cognitive SEO lies elsewhere.

Link analysis and link observation with Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO with individual links can be tracked and analysed, and the link structure of competitors can be observed. The search engine optimization for Google is facilitated with Cognitive SEO, also included in the project management tool that can manage the tasks. Visit us for more information seo services bangkok

Desofuscando Java malware: a look at the top 10 of Brazil

A few weeks ago mentioned that the malicious scripts are entrenched in Brazil. We saw how the top 10 threats is composed of various languages and platforms, and analyzing Javascript malware, if you are in one of these troubles, please visit for best solutions. Today we will continue with another most viewed threat in Brazil, , downloaders , Trojans Bank made in Java.

Following the trail of cloud services used to host malware in Javascript, we find that also other threats in the top 10 of Brazilare being stored there. In particular, we saw a high activity of malicious files detected by ESET as Java/TrojanDownloader.Banload.AK.

These files are executable. jar, with names like Boleto_Cobranca, Pedido_Atualizacao orImprimir_Debitos. If we decompilamos them, we obtain code obfuscated names of variables and methods extremely long:

codigo ofuscado Java

Beyond obfuscation, we can observe some of the imports in the image. We see that the last five imported classes have to do with encryption, using the symmetric algorithm DES. Then, if we identify the methods that perform the decryption, and perform the replacement methods and variables by most representative names, we have something like this:

descifrado DES en Java

The key used for decryption is equal to the name of the Java class. Therefore, somewhat adapting the maincode, it can make is malware decode all your strings for us. In fact, we can parse the main class in search of these strings and then pass this list to our modified code, carry out decryption.

We then see some of the strings encrypted and decrypted:

strings descifradas DES en Java

We have highlighted the IP address of the server that is contacted by the malware, which varies between the different samples that we have analyzed. We see, in addition, that builds a Visual Basic Script, which is then executed with the cscript.exe file.

It is worth clarifying that analyzed files have other features, which can be seen in the rest of theimports. Perhaps what is most worthwhile to mention has to do with detection of virtualized environments, thwarting her execution. We also see downloading files from the Internetfunctions, as with the rest of the imports:

imports malware ofuscado Java

It is striking the diversity in languages and platforms used in Brazil, but there was how the objectives of cybercriminals and their methods of propagation are still the same.

They derecognised websites where the “electronic cigarette” offered

Sale and promotion are banned in the country. ANMAT reported the incident to the Directorate of Registration of Internet Domains.

Electronic cigarettes banned in our country

Websites offering “electronic cigarettes” whose sales and promotion are banned in the country, were discharged after the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) -organismo under the Ministry of Health of the Nation, by Juan Manzur- carry out the corresponding complaints to the National Registry of Internet Domain Names.

As a result of these efforts, concretized through the Program Monitoring and Control of Advertising and Promotion ANMAT, the lower of the following websites are provided:, and

The so-called “here are the best electronic cigarette 2016” is designed for replacing the consumption of snuff derivatives or just to simulate the act of smoking device products. So far, they have not presented scientific evidence of its efficacy and safety, or the exact chemical composition of the contents of the cartridges of these products, both those who advertise that contain nicotine as that of promoting not contain known.

For these reasons, the population should not be acquired or used such devices are recalled and can be denounced the illegal Internet sales and misleading advertising of health products.

Compressing CSS, Java, and GZipped to improve SEO

Compressing the CSS and JS code and other files with GZIP increases the speed of the web and improves SEO

 The speed of a website is a very important for local SEO services and usability factor.Google gives more importance to the rapid sites whose load does not take more than a few tenths of seconds (based on broadband connections), since their goal is always to provide the best user experience.

Loading speed to many factors such as the weight of downloads from the server (code, photos, videos, etc.), the number of calls to the server, calls to external APIs, etc. should

We can analyze each of these factors through very valid and free tools such as GT Metrix and Pingdom Tools , which give a note to the webpage you want to analyze based on all factors of WPO (Web Performance Optimization) and show detail the performance of each aspect of the web, and how to improve it .

Today we focus especially on how to compress the CSS and Javascript files, and also Minify HTML and PHP,  to have the lowest possible weight, favoring the loading speed of a website such as of brisbane seo services


One of these factors, as mentioned, is the code.Surely all who have handled some code may have noticed that contains many blanks and notes that make each .css or .js file is larger in Mb of what could be.

There are online tools that will work for us: will erase all unnecessary spaces and characters in a file or .js .css to restore a version commonly called “min” much smaller.

my favorite, lets you choose different options and the degree of compression (4 levels from very high to low)

YUI Compressor uses and can compress both CSS and JS ;

very simple to use.


Close the HTML or PHP of a page is not as simple operation, as it is touching a very sensitive code, which can include CSS elements and Java encrusting (the <style> to give styles in HTML and <script> Java, including the same Google Analytics)Yet there are online tools to compress these codes. One of them is:

NOTE: the tool itself warns that by minimizing the HTML <pre> tags (preformatted text) and the style will be lost white-space: pre ;.

Once we have obtained the compressed versions of our codes, we will update existing links between the different files and finally upload to the server.


Gzip is another way to compress the contents of a web , and is a command that works on the server side. So it’s the server, once these instructions are sent compression, which knows which files have to be compressed.Today is a very effective and widely used solution, which can lower the size of files from a web up to 70%.

NOTE: Gzip does not compress any file type. In fact .pdf files, .jpg, .png, .mpg, etc. It is always better optimize or compress thembefore uploading them to the server (here an interesting note about ).

Gzip, being a given server command, including active lines of code in the .htaccess file.

<IfModule mod_gzip.c>

Yes mod_gzip_on

Yes mod_gzip_dechunk

mod_gzip_item_include file (html |? txt | css | js | php | pl). $

mod_gzip_item_include cgi-script handler ^ $

^ he mime text mod_gzip_item_include /.*

^ he mime mod_gzip_item_include application / x-javascript. *

^ he mime image mod_gzip_item_exclude /.*

mod_gzip_item_exclude rspheader ^ Content-Encoding:. * * gzip.

</ IfModule>

To work, the server will need to have the relevant library, that accepts the command mod_gzip activated.

Another option is to use the mod_deflate command:

<IfModule mod_deflate.c>

# Compress HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Text, XML and fonts

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application / javascript

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application / rss + xml

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application /

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application / x-font

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application / x-font-opentype

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application / x-font-otf

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application / x-font-truetype

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application / x-font-ttf

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application / x-javascript

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application / xhtml + xml

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application / xml

DEFLATE AddOutputFilterByType font / opentype

DEFLATE AddOutputFilterByType font / otf

DEFLATE AddOutputFilterByType font / ttf

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE image / svg + xml

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE image / x-icon

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text / css

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text / html

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text / javascript

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text / plain

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text / xml

# Remove browser bugs (only needed for really old browsers)

BrowserMatch ^ Mozilla / 4 gzip-only-text / html

BrowserMatch ^ Mozilla / 4 \ .0 [678] non-gzip

BrowserMatch \ bMSIE! No-gzip! Gzip-only-text / html

Header append Vary User-Agent

</ IfModule>

Compiled Java mobile games inspired by movies

When we see an action movie that we really like in the movies or television, the terminal automatically see them want to play a game inspired her to download the adrenaline we have within the body. So if you love the films of heroes who save the world in every scene, should play the titles we have today that are inspired by them. You should watch these films on projectfreetv before you play.

Spider Man 3

Sure many of you saw the complete saga of Spider – Man movies, a hero who climbs the walls and hanging crosses the city of skyscrapers. So feel free to play Spider Man 3in Java.

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is the second in the list, in this case, is a game inspired by the British detective who does whatever it takes to discover the clues collected throughout his career.

Captain America

Another hero that never go out of style is the Captain America , a powerful man who kill the enemies using his strength and skill. To download the game should only click on the link or you can enjoy all three parts of Captain America on putlocker movies for free.

X-Men Java

Another title that will entertain for hours is the X-Men Java a game with very detailed graphics, different scenarios and the heroes of this saga who conquered the hearts of their fans.

The Avengers

Finally, the compiled ends with one of the most popular films of all time, which, worth seeing more than once. This is The Avengers , the greatest heroes of humanity.

Top 5 Java programs for Dentists

Both tablets and smartphones are devices that use applications, to carry out an unlimited set of tasks. An application is a computer program that is designed to perform singular or multiple tasks. Many apps can be very useful in the dental practice. Downloading directly to the devices through the Apple Store or Google Play, depending on the operating system of your phone. Many of them are free, others are free download but require an update to payment of the annual subscription for full functionality, and some applications must be purchased. Rates can be as variable as €0.89 hundreds of euros.

Below is a list of what we believe to be the five most useful for dentists applications thanks to the consult of experts from Freedom Dental Melbourne.

1 Smart Dental Pricelist

Smart Dental Pricelist is a perfect application for dental professionals can help them communicate the invoice patients. Showing the price list at the same time that treatment is going to carry out, without paper and pen, no calculator, no models, just use your Iphone or Ipad.

2. Lexi-Dental

Lexi-Dental complete implementation of Lexi-Comp, is a complete library of dental resources, which includes information about drugs and their effects, images in color of many dental procedures, conditions and patient resources, information on laboratory and diagnostic procedures, a manual of emergency (dental office), natural product, a Stedman’s medical dictionary , and other numerous resources. The application can be downloaded for free, that Yes, as a free 30-day trial version. The annual subscription costs $285.


3. dDental Patient Education

Dental Patient Education is an application based on the education of the patient, with animations for dental professionals, to communicate effectively dental conditions and treatments to their patients.

The Lite version contains all the functionality of the anatomical reference tool. Provides 360 degree views of lower jaw, allowing users to peel layers to reveal muscles, blood vessels, the facial nerves and skeletal structures. Users also upper and lower can see each type of individual tooth – views and cross sections. In addition, each fixed structure includes detailed descriptions and audio pronunciations. This section also contains muscle movement and operation of the joint.

4 Implant Treatment Guide

This application was developed by Dr. Cem Dergin, contains illustrations that consists of the stages of the therapy of implants and treatment options.

The iPad app gives you the facility to explain the treatment options of implants complicated patients. Unique 3D images within this atlas are designed with the idea that show patients, instead of the actual intraoral photos.


5. iRomexis

iRomexis is an application that allows the visualization of medical images only for informational and educational purposes for the patient. This software should not be used for diagnosis.


If some of the applications that you use do not appear in this list, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and we will take them into account for Vol. 2.

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